Tennessee Telemarketing Laws

The Tennessee no call law went into effect in 2000 and bans telemarketing calls to persons on the state no-call list. The no call list is maintained and enforced by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, which has the power to assess fine up to $2,000 per offending call. The Tennessee law also allows enforcement via civil suit brought by injured party or “any other interested party,” with same $2,000 penalty per call. Telemarketers must pay a $500 annual fee to consult the no call list. Local exchange providers must inform customers twice per year of no-call list’s existence and how to register for the list.

Exemptions to the law include:

  • Members of nonprofit organizations soliciting on behalf of their groups
  • Businesses calling established customers or by invitation
  • “Incidental” telemarketers who make fewer than 3 solicitation calls per week

For more information or to sign up for Tennessee’s no-call list consumers can log onto http://www2.state.tn.us/tra/nocall.htm or call the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) at 1-800-342-8359

Source: Tennessee Regulatory Authority
Do not call program website

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