Pennsylvania Telemarketing Laws

The do not call law was passed in April 2002. Law went into effect May 31st, 2002 and bans telemarketing calls to persons on state no-call list. List will be maintained by a non-profit organization that will be responsible for updating the list on a quarterly basis. Consumer registration and a consumer’s phone number will remain on the list for 5 years. Telemarketers pay to consult the list.

A violation of the law carries a penalty of up to $1,000 or $3,000 if the individual being called is age 60 or older. The Attorney General will enforce list violations.

Exemptions to the do not call law include:

  • Calls made by a consumer’s previous request in reference to an existing debt, contract, payment, or performance
  • A current and existing business relationship between the consumer and telemarketer
  • Charities or fraternal orders
  • Veteran’s organizations
  • Political candidates

For more information on the Pennsylvania no call law log onto and click on “Telemarketing in Pennsylvania” or call the Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection at 717-787-9707

Source: Pennsylvania Bureau of Consumer Protection

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