Oregon Telemarketing Laws

The no call law passed in 1999, and took effect in 2000, and bans telemarketers from calling persons on state no-call list. Residents must pay $6.50 fee to be on the list and $3.00 annually to renew their number. Telemarketers must pay to view the list.

The list is maintained and updated on a quarterly basis by a third party that is contracted with the Oregon Attorney General’s Office. Violations of the law are considered unlawful trade practices and are subject to civil penalties of up to $25,000 per violation.

Exemptions to the no-call law include:

  • Businesses calling their established customers or by invitation.
  • Charities
  • Political polls, opinion surveys
  • Businesses consumer has purchased from in the past including a “predecessor” of a business enterprise, for certain financial institutions

Oregon has one of the most aggressively enforced “No Call” laws in the nation. The Financial Fraud Section of the Oregon Department of Justice successfully prosecuted over 115 telephone solicitors and penalties imposed totaled nearly $400,000.

For more information on the Oregon no call law log onto http://www.doj.state.or.us/ and click on the “Oregon No Call Program” or call the Oregon Attorney General’s office at (503) 378-4400.

Source: Oregon Attorney General Office- No Call Program

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