New York Telemarketing Laws

The New York do not call Law passed in 2000, and took effect April 1, 2001. It bars telemarketers from calling persons on state no-call list. The New York Dept. of Consumer Protection maintains the list.

There are over 2,330,565 New York residents signed up for the list. Registration is free to residents of New York. Telemarketers must pay an annual fee of $500 to view the list. The list is updated quarterly. If the do not call law is violated the Consumer Protection Division has the authority to bring action against the violator through the use of civil suits. Fines for violations are $5,000 per offending call.

Exemptions to the do not call law include:

  • Businesses calling established customers or by invitation
  • Calls to set up sales appointments

New York State residents can register by calling 1-866-622-5569; by visiting; or writing to P.O. Box 2078, Albany, NY 12220-0078

Source: New York Consumer Protection Division

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