Missouri Telemarketing Laws

The no call law passed in 2000, which took effect July 1, 2001 and bans telemarketers from calling persons on state no-call list. Registration is free for Missouri residents. Telemarketers must pay to view the list but are allowed the option to purchase any of the six area codes, of their choice, within the state. If a telemarketer were to purchase a list for all six area codes, the cost would be $600 annually.

The list is maintained and updated on a quarterly basis by the Attorney General’s Office. Violations of the law are enforced, via civil suit with a minimum of $5,000 penalty for each violation.

Exemptions to the no-call law include:

  • Businesses calling established customers or by invitation
  • Charities
  • Telephone companies
  • Solicitors that have been expressly invited or given permission to call (example: sweepstakes entries)
  • Persons calling on a referral or working from their homes, or any person licensed for a trade or profession who is setting or attempting to set up an appointment

For more information on the Missouri no call law log onto www.ago.state.mo.us/nocalllaw.htm or call the Missouri No Call Unit at 1-866-662-2551

Source: Missouri Attorney Generals Office

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