Anti-Telemarketer Hardware Products

TeleZapper and TeleZapper II
The TeleZapper emits a special tone (Special Information Tone (SIT)) that tricks predictive or computer dialers to believe that they have reached a disconnected number. In theory, over time these telemarketers will remove the number from their lists, as they believe it is disconnected. The challenge now, however, is that many predictive dialers have been updated not to pay attention to SIT tones.

Private TIME PT1000
The Private TIME PT1000 is a phone handset with an answering machine and call screener built in. Callers will need to enter a special extension that you program in order to ring through, all other callers will be prompted to leave a message.

TriVOX VN100
The TriVOX system answers your calls automatically and prompts callers to enter a “secret code”, which is simply an extension to reach you on your normal line. You decide what this number should be and notify friends and family of it, all other calls will not get through, rather will be prompted if they wish to leave a message.

Call Screener
Answers your phone automatically, and plays the following message: “This number does not accept solicitation or survey calls of any kind. Place this number on your “Do Not Call” list and hang up. All others press “1” to ring through.”

MK-40 Easy Hang Up Anti Telemarketing Device
After receiving a telemarketing call, users of this device can press the activation button to play: “I’m sorry….this number does not accept this type of call. Please regard this as your notification to remove this number from your list. Thank you.”

MK-41 Phone Butler
The Phone Butler, allows individuals to hit asterisk “*” and thereby automatically play a message when they receive a telemarketing call: “Pardon me, this is the Phone Butler, and I have been directed to inform you that this household must respectfully decline your inquiry. Kindly place this number on your do-not-call list. Good Day.”

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